About Us

About Us

It doesn’t keep you awaited to know who we are and what we do. Our content speaks what we’re really  intended to. Though an official intro is well enough for the new-comers to understand our prospective.

AskSatya” is not out of the tribe but our focus can be one out of hundreds. A ton of blogs is available to guide you “How to blog”. Though we will guide you “How to blog like the spellers”. The magicians craft spells so simply to turn impossible to possible. We are of the same origin to spread blogging triumph with our secret spells.

Don’t be so ruthless by thinking we’re software to make overnight blog success. We don’t own any of it, but what we do own is proper guidance. We and our solicited guest authors will help you blog efficiently and moreover artistically.

We are restless to dominate one special quality. We will take one topic; explain all possible areas under the same post. So no more piece of writing, we will try out best to make every single post ultimate. We mainly fill contents about marketing, blogging and SEO.
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About The CEO/Founder:

Satyendu Kumar “Satya” And it’s me “Satya” who is writing this page and will be writing most of the contents. I heartily believe name doesn’t need to be introduced; it will automatically do itself by the works.
That’s my aim. I’m wholeheartedly working to improve my skills. The online folks keep themselves busy to earn money. I do have this desire but my first priority is to make difference as a passionate blogger.

My Virtual Life:
I started my online journey with PTC (Paid-to-Click). I had no clues how clicks can make real money. But I kept clicking for several months to test if it is real or not. Eventually my doubts were gone by collecting the first income. And I made a deliberation, “It is possible to earn money online”.

That’s the starting. Next I took an interesting step, actually my life changing step, how the sites got benefited when I clicked on them. After sometimes I realized that was paid promotion. It was my eye opener and the dictation to learn marketing, SEO and blogging gradually.

Now I’m like a marketing worm who loves to spend weeks, months and years on perfecting digital marketing, search engine optimization and nevertheless blogging.

My Real Life:
I’m actually not a real life superstar. Still a 25 years Guy who runs after fun and enjoyment. But one thing I do love is playing and traveling around. I’ve set up an extreme desire to visit each corner of the world.

My educational journey has completed with “Most-Graduation” Degree. I hadn’t took any Computer Courses while, I started this Blog at that time I hadn’t my Personal Laptop and PC Computer, It was a passion that led me to write,
While Learning about Advance Technology, I searched over Internet to learn the New Question which I was Curious about Technology, But It was Difficult to search the Perfect Solution for My Question, it was also that reason which forcefully pushed me to provide a perfect solution of any difficulties for You, Which is my Blogging.

My Aim and Vision:
Actually I belong to a poor family, During My Education, we faced many difficulties to come over to stand along. So, I have also Dream to Open a Free School for poor and Helpless Children, that He can Make their Life like a Technology Superstar, that they will Lead themselves sitting from their home.

My Contacts:
I have made so many friends, so many relations being in this beautiful online community. In fact I look forward to you too. When you have times, we can catch up together. So here are my contacts you can use in your needs:

E-mail: admin[at]asksatya[dot]com
Twitter: http://twitter.com/asksatyaa
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/askceosatya
Google+: https://plus.google.com/+AskSatyaBlog